Each of our garments tells the story of the people who made it

We work hard to make Flo’ an ethical and sustainable brand, focused on nature, people and their well-being. Throughout the years, we have met exceptionally talented artisans, whose fine craftmanship and expertise play a key-role in our production.

While the fast fashion industry relies on swift, low-cost production processes, we support traditional craftmanship that require time, care, a high level of skills and attention to detail.

Our garments are the result of traditional craftmanship

All our garments are hand crafted using traditional knitting machines, the same machines we would find in our grandmas’ houses. Traditional knitting machines are hand powered, with the knit taking shape stitch by stitch. A single, continuous strain of yarn is used to make handcrafted sweaters, by decreasing the number of needles to produce curves and patterns. This greatly improves the fit, durability and finish of the final product.

Meet our artisans

Our garments are made in small, local workshops in Turin, Piedmont. We work closely with our skilled artisans, a group of strong and talented women. Every garment is the result of a relationship based on cooperation, creativity, mutual trust, friendship and a shared vision.

Team work: an essential part of the process

We support local artisans by displaying the secret beauty and traditional craftmanship of their work. The precious skills and unique personalities of all the people who play a role in making Flo’ a reality are the cornerstones of our brand.