Eco-friendly & certified yarns

We buy our yarns from Italian producers who certify the entire production chain giving the maximum transparency throughout the process. The whole production process is certified step by step, from the selection of the fiber, up to the spinning.

Anti-pilling dense Merino wool

Our garments are made from top quality Merino wool sourced from Tollegno 1900, one of the leading Italian manufacturers. Blending tradition and innovation, their high twist yarn is compact, resistant and can guarantee almost no pilling.

A top-quality luxury Mohair

A top-quality luxury fibre, Mohair is made from the hair of the Angora goat. It is notable for its high lustre and sheen and it feels similar to silk, warm and soft to the touch. Mohair usually comes blended with polyester, in a two-ply yarn. We use a yarn with recycled polyester, sourced from an Italian manufacturer, to support our choice of sustainability and give the yarn more strength and stability.

Pure merino wool naturally dyed

We realize knitwear made by Organic Merino Wool naturally dyed, using ingredients such as flowers, leaves, and roots and it’s absolutely Chemical-free. Unique nuances of color, are guarantee of a this natural dyeing technique. We buy this particular wool from an Italian company : Tintoria di Quaregna.

New Zeland Merino ZQ

We hand-picked the best artisans in Italy, we we buy our merino wool from Cariaggi, an Italian excellence. When luxury and ethical products come together in natural harmony. Bright white New Zealand merino wool has technical and ethical characteristics without equal. Length – Strength – Elasticity – and limitless colour and product opportunities.

Organic cotton & Linen GOTs certified

We want to support sustainability and we truly believe sustainable fashion can contribute to protect the environment and our planet. We use 100% organically grown yarns, sourced from Filmar an italian companie that certify every step of the production process.