We put sustainability at the core of our everyday choices, from the very first steps of the creative process to the moment our garments become part of your LIFE. The invisible thread that weaves together the designers, the makers, the sellers and the customers who buy our pieces is the seamless continuous flow that gives life to FLO’

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature

Minimal & timeless wardrobe

We produce essential and timeless garments where detail and quality make them unique. We offer you high-quality products that last for life. We’ve disregarded seasonal collections, putting our entire focus in building elevated products at the least environmental impact.


We buy our yarns from Italian producers who certify the entire production chain giving the maximum transparency throughout the process. The whole production process is certified step by step, from the selection of the fiber, up to the spinning.

Ethical pricing

Our prices allow us to offer only top quality materials and garments ethically produced 100% made in Italy. Our customers recognise the value of a quality and ethically produced garment not designed for instant profits, but for creating a long-term relationship with customers that share our views on sustainable and slow fashion.

Reduce our C02 impact

We launched our project with the ambition to build an ethical, sustainable but also a human brand that gives pride of place to the artisans who make each of our pieces. Since our beginning, we have only collaborated with local partners to build personal relationships with them and limit our C02 impact.