Our pieces are designed to showcase the positive energy of the natural world and promote a sustainable and fair manufacturing process. From the sourcing of our yarns, to the attention we put in every single detail of the production process our focus is on nurturing. Nurturing the planet, the people who make our garments and the people who wear them

Organic & natural yarn

The pleasure of natural yarns always in harmony with your body. Natural fibers respect the environment and guarantee a combination of well-being, economy and ethics. Natural fabrics are produced using yarns made of fibers already existing in nature, obtained through mechanical not chemical processes, that would change their structure.

Sustainability & Trasparency

Garments produced with respect for the environment and with the use of environmentally friendly processing processes. We buy our yarns from Italian producers who certify the entire production chain.

Ethical production

The dignity of each worker, taking part in our garments production process, is extremely important for us. We personally check that our collaborators comply with all the protection requirements guaranteed by the European Union.

Made in Italy and Slow Fashion

All our collections are designed, knitted and made entirely in Italy by an all-women team. Each collection is produced in a limited number of pieces to guarantee high quality, uniqueness and less waist.

About Flo'

Flo’ – “Let the flowers flow” – is the story of a deep friendship. A friendship built upon a shared love for the beauty of the natural world we live in.
“Let the positive energy of nature flow through” is the motto behind our creative process. After years of working in the fast fashion industry, we felt the need for a radical change.
Through the research process that led to Flo’, we visited mills that blend tradition, sustainability and innovation; we met yarn producers that use herbs and plant-based natural dyes; business that promote the growth of organic cotton; family-run companies that take care of their workers’ well-being and the well-being of their community.
Through every encounter and in each of these hallowed places, we felt empowered to pursue our dream: designing and producing quality knitwear that can make every woman feel radiant.
The attention to detail, quality and essential elegance is the same our grandmothers used to have when choosing their clothes: a few, timeless pieces that could last from season to season.
Francesca and Antonella co-founder