Our garments are made from natural fibres and finished by hand. A bit of extra care during washing will make them last for years and help preserve the (softness, look and) qualities of natural yarn.
The best way to take care of natural yarn knitwear is to air it for a few hours and lay it flat on a surface before wearing it again. This will help remove any odours and give the natural fiber time to return to its original shape and softness.
Wash your cotton sweater only when necessary: choose a gentle, biodegradable detergent.
Even if we recommend washing your sweater by hand, it is possible to machine wash our garments. Turn your sweater inside out or use a laundry bag for extra protection from any friction. Choose the gentle cycle, skip or choose a gentle spin and wash in cold water. After washing, lay your cotton sweater on a flat surface and let it dry. Do not hang your knitwear to dry, as it can cause your garment to stretch.
Fold your knitwear for both short-term and long-term storage: do not hang, as this can stretch the garment out of shape.

Hand wash

Wash cold

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Dry flat

Iron cool (max 110 °C)